We don't always get clear winners in our three-round tournaments, but we did at our May 5 G/65 with three perfect-score players. Guest master NM Sam Schmakel put the field away in the Gold section, closely followed by Ted Mercer with 2.5, which pushed him back into A-player territory. Jay Kushinsky took the Silver section, where five players tied for second place: Jonathan Tan, Nathan Holzmueller, Finn Buck, Adit Ghosh and Matthew Zacharias. Edward Zhang won the Bronze section, gaining 121 points in the process. Wlodzimierz Kaczynski, Keith Ammann, Brad Rosen and Alan Wang all had two points in the Bronze section.


Ezra Boldizsar and Barry Malcolm in a cross-section pairing. Ezra played up to the Silver section and had three spirited games.

Patrice Connelly and Guy Kittelsen in the Gold section.

NM Sam Schmakel and Expert Thomas Kaczynski, postgame analysis