Aleksandar Stamnov FM Aleksandar Stamnov narrowly won the Alpha section with a 2.5/3.0 score. Close behind Stamnov in second place were experts Matthew Waller and Lawrence Cohen with 2 points each.

James Freestrom scored a perfect 3.0/3.0 for the day, playing two players in the Alpha Section and one player in the Bravo section, to pick up 39 rating points. Also excelling in the Bravo section was Bradley Guan, who went 2.5 for 3.0 for a gain of 78 rating points.

In the Charlie section, Michael Wishner also went 3 for 3, including a cross-section win against a Bravo-section player, and pushed his rating back up above 1300 in the process. Greg Divinsky and Alfonso Andrade had the next best scores in the section, each with 2 points.

Special mention goes to Keith Ammann, who played in the Charlie section and gained 128 rating points for the day.


by Maret