On Sunday, April 18th 2010, some of the Evanston Chess Club regulars had a chess match with members of the Touch Move Chess Club. The match took place at the Touch Move Club located at 5639 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago, Illinois.

IM Angelo Young, proprietor of the TMCC, was captain for that team and Tim Grassel was captain for the ECC players. Thanks guys!

Bd Evanston CC Touch Move CC Result
1 Aleksandar Stamnov Marianito Acosta 0-1
2 Rick Lang Florentino Inumerable ½-½
3 Matt Pullin Arandel Markovic 1-0
4 Bill Brock Virgillio Forro 1-0
5 Dmitri Sergatskov Rene Ancheta 0-1
6 Mark Jutovsky Fred Cohen 0-1
7 Paul Gafni George Stone ½-½
8 Mark Parnaby Noel Martin 1-0
9 Mateus Szulc Rick Lutzke 1-0
10 Mark Spitzig Dan Leroy 0-1
11 Tim Grassel Jay Smalls 1-0
12 Bruce Potratz Christian Kavouras 0-1
The alternates also played to a draw.
Alt Mike Wishner Rob Morrison ½-½

How is that for close? Thanks to everybody who had a hand in making this happen, as one player stated, "We had a blast."

By Tom