As of July, 2021, we have a Tuesday evening chess club for adults 55 and older at the Oakton Community Center in Skokie. See the home page for information and annual fee. We hope to start a similar program for ages 18 and older in Evanston.

We welcome players of all strengths, from beginners to masters. Several experts and an occasional master play in our tournaments.


We seek to provide relaxed, congenial chess for adults. Some members like slow games, while others prefer blitz. Some want rated play, others don't. We try to offer a variety of options.

Fees for casual, non-rated chess club meetings go to the venue that hosts the meetings. At our rated tournaments, we charge minimal entry fees and offer no cash prizes. Since 2007, we've focused on a quality, relaxed chess atmosphere rather than money. 


Maret Thorpe

Maret Thorpe — USCF Data
Founder, Player and Tournament Director
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Michael Matek — USCF Data
Blitz Director, Tuesday night chess

Steve Frank 
Tuesday night chess

Lionel D'Souza
Tuesday night chess

David Ostrov
Tuesday night chess

Ben Koffman
Tuesday night chess

Tom Kirke
Tuesday night chess 


Tom Sprandel — USCF Data
Founder, Player and Tournament Director Emeritus