Our August 14 G/29 tournament included six players rated 2000 or higher in either USCF or FIDE. NM Eric Rosen prevailed with 4.5 for 5, slipping past Evgeny Bulushev, Dmitri Sergatskov and Jonathan Kogen, who each had four points.

Congratulations and welcome to Bulushev, who played his first USCF-rated games and finished the event with a 2032 provisional quick rating. Bill Brock was next in line, with 3.5 points that included a draw with Rosen.

Special notice further down the crosstable goes to Jiedong Duan, who scored 2.5 for 5 and picked up 139 quick rating points.

Thanks to house players Bruce Potratz, Brad Rosen and Jiri Kabelac for keeping our rounds even.


by Maret