Jon Burgess Isaac Braswell Jeremy Hershey-Nexon Jonathan Kogen Matt Pullin Leo Vilker

NM Jon Burgess was the only player with a perfect score going into the last round of yesterday's Rapid, but he lost his game with Jonathan Kogen. That allowed Kogen, Matthew Pullin, Isaac Braswell, Jeremy Hershey-Nexon and Leo Vilker to grab as share of first place.

All six finshed four wins, one loss, no draws. Kogen lost his second round game against Adit Ghosh, and Braswell lost to Ghosh in the third. Pullin lost to Burgess in the forth round. Hershey-Nexon dropped his third round game against Pullin. Vilker went down to Ranadip Bose in the first, giving us another example of the "Swiss Gambit".


by Tom