Our August 14 G/29 tournament included six players rated 2000 or higher in either USCF or FIDE. NM Eric Rosen prevailed with 4.5 for 5, slipping past Evgeny Bulushev, Dmitri Sergatskov and Jonathan Kogen, who each had four points.

Congratulations and welcome to Bulushev, who played his first USCF-rated games and finished the event with a 2032 provisional quick rating. Bill Brock was next in line, with 3.5 points that included a draw with Rosen.

Special notice further down the crosstable goes to Jiedong Duan, who scored 2.5 for 5 and picked up 139 quick rating points.

Thanks to house players Bruce Potratz, Brad Rosen and Jiri Kabelac for keeping our rounds even.


by Maret

Aleksandar Stamnov FM Aleksandar Stamnov narrowly won the Alpha section with a 2.5/3.0 score. Close behind Stamnov in second place were experts Matthew Waller and Lawrence Cohen with 2 points each.

James Freestrom scored a perfect 3.0/3.0 for the day, playing two players in the Alpha Section and one player in the Bravo section, to pick up 39 rating points. Also excelling in the Bravo section was Bradley Guan, who went 2.5 for 3.0 for a gain of 78 rating points.

In the Charlie section, Michael Wishner also went 3 for 3, including a cross-section win against a Bravo-section player, and pushed his rating back up above 1300 in the process. Greg Divinsky and Alfonso Andrade had the next best scores in the section, each with 2 points.

Special mention goes to Keith Ammann, who played in the Charlie section and gained 128 rating points for the day.


by Maret

Jon Burgess Isaac Braswell Jeremy Hershey-Nexon Jonathan Kogen Matt Pullin Leo Vilker

NM Jon Burgess was the only player with a perfect score going into the last round of yesterday's Rapid, but he lost his game with Jonathan Kogen. That allowed Kogen, Matthew Pullin, Isaac Braswell, Jeremy Hershey-Nexon and Leo Vilker to grab as share of first place.

All six finshed four wins, one loss, no draws. Kogen lost his second round game against Adit Ghosh, and Braswell lost to Ghosh in the third. Pullin lost to Burgess in the forth round. Hershey-Nexon dropped his third round game against Pullin. Vilker went down to Ranadip Bose in the first, giving us another example of the "Swiss Gambit".


by Tom

On Sunday, April 18th 2010, some of the Evanston Chess Club regulars had a chess match with members of the Touch Move Chess Club. The match took place at the Touch Move Club located at 5639 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago, Illinois.

IM Angelo Young, proprietor of the TMCC, was captain for that team and Tim Grassel was captain for the ECC players. Thanks guys!

Bd Evanston CC Touch Move CC Result
1 Aleksandar Stamnov Marianito Acosta 0-1
2 Rick Lang Florentino Inumerable ½-½
3 Matt Pullin Arandel Markovic 1-0
4 Bill Brock Virgillio Forro 1-0
5 Dmitri Sergatskov Rene Ancheta 0-1
6 Mark Jutovsky Fred Cohen 0-1
7 Paul Gafni George Stone ½-½
8 Mark Parnaby Noel Martin 1-0
9 Mateus Szulc Rick Lutzke 1-0
10 Mark Spitzig Dan Leroy 0-1
11 Tim Grassel Jay Smalls 1-0
12 Bruce Potratz Christian Kavouras 0-1
The alternates also played to a draw.
Alt Mike Wishner Rob Morrison ½-½

How is that for close? Thanks to everybody who had a hand in making this happen, as one player stated, "We had a blast."

By Tom

Isaac BraswellGold Section (1700+)Expert Isaac Braswell took first place with 3.5/4.0. FM Alexsandar Stamnov and Dmitri Sergatskov tied for second after Sergatskov won thier fourth round game.

Alexander MartinMark SpitzigSilver Section (1200-1699)
Mark Spitzig and Alexander Martin tied for first with 3.5/4.0 each. Jayce Feiger and Dane Bell tied for third with 3.0/4.0 each.

Chelsea HarperBronze Section (U1200)
Chelsea Harper scored a perfect 4.0/4.0 to sweep the Bronze Section. Congratulations on a fine performance. James Babin and Jeremy Hershey-Nexon tied for second with 3.0/4.0 each.


by Tom